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We all know the story of Icarus and his wax wings. He was warned against going too close to the sun and didn’t listen, so he burned out too soon. In a world of ever-changing technology and a constant barrage of online content, it’s easy to burn too brightly and go out quickly. In essence, to melt your wings and take a fall.

At Lambent Creations, we are passionate about helping our customers find their steady glow through a more sustainable and affordable way to market their products and reach their audiences. We create this steady glow through effective content marketing, storytelling, social media marketing, web design and development, app development, and so much more. We help maintain and sustain through the design process and through continued support after launch.

In essence: We help you create the steady glow of sustainable, affordable and trusted digital marketing.


At Lambent Creations we understand the importance of Brand development as an integral part of business. Using our unique design style and proven strategies we help improve the look, feel and personality of start-ups as well as established companies.

Web Development

We understand the necessity for creating and implementing carefully integrated online search engine marketing (SEM) strategies developed in tandem with the latest SEO methods to help companies succeed.

Creative Direction

Our teams work together to develop websites that are not only visually compelling, but have the functionality and advanced programming to deliver leads, clients and revenues. Our customized design and development provide higher conversion rates.


Lambent Creations has its roots in Print and Graphic design. Using industry standard tools and techniques we provide design and illustration services allow you to visualize your idea, presell your product, and analyze your concept.

Lambent was initially retained to remedy a challenge we had with the Advent Communications website. Subsequently, they have become our go-to team for everything from client website design to SEO and Email Marketing (such as the eNewsletters we do for client companies). Working with team Lambent feels more like collaborating with a colleague than a contractor. They are prompt, professional, economical, richly experienced, and most importantly deliver.


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